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Kim Hyun-joong Memberikan Sebuah Pesan Kepada Fans!

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Selalu menarik perhatian media, Kim Hyun-joong suka bingung dan bimbang mengutarakan pikirannya kepada fans. Setelah isu kontraknya yang hampir selesai dengan DSP, Kim Hyun-joong kembali menarik perhatian media dengan pesannya kepada fans tentang penundaan album SS501 yang harusnya rilis pada 1 Mei 2010 lalu.

Pesannya agak ambigu dan memperlihatkan rasa kesal nya kepada media, seperti isu lagu yang akan dipilih sebagai lagu utama membuat jadwal comeback tertunda, dia juga memberitahukan albumnya akan rilis, dan penundaan rilis album ini memang sudah menjadi makanan sehari-hari SS501 dengan DSP.

Dia juga mengatakan kata-kata aneh seperti ‘saya ga bisa lagi menulis untuk fans karena pasti akan ditulis oleh wartawan’ atau kata-kata diakhir pesannya ‘SS501 akan bubar……’ ‘kalian percaya hal itu?’

Cek langsung deh pesannya:

Hello everyone, hehe
Been wanting to write something,
but the reporters are writing about me everyday, so i didn’t write anything (here)
Ennn…. yea, for a person who hasn’t been doing all that much since BOF (hehe)

Following BOF, I’ve still got some awareness and popularity, hehe
I’m living very well now
As for comeback, it’ll be pushed back abit later, sorry

(Was talking about) 1st may…. kkk
As expected, 501′s album… is still delayed eventually

Have we ever released an album on the day that we said we would???? Hehe

Been bluffed for five years….
And you little fools are still anticipating us with so naively….
(*bb: believe the choice of words ‘little fools’ are supposed to be a term of endearment or affection ^.^)

Just wait a little while longer, will be out very soon… hehe
Ah, and oh, so sorry
Once the album’s out, the number of hit songs may not be that many
Do not be disappointed

Words that (I) want to say
must be written at the time when (I) want to say them
I carry out activities confidently after June
Starting from June, won’t be able to write on the official board, hehe

this post won’t be the last time

Everyone has read the news? Hehehe
There’s much that I wish to say, but not now
For now, I wish to tell everyone that the album will be released…
Don’t worry… I’ve got a feeling that everyone’s uneasy….
Folks…. the tunes are not out yet… so…. hehehe, actually.

Regardless, no worries, ya ^^

To be honest, my life under the spotlight
although there’re times when I get hurt
but i really really do like such a life, hehe

This, too, can be considered as having left my mark on earth…. hehe
If we’re able to get through 2012 safely, I will give you all a present… ^^
In any case, we won’t be able to make it for the boats in Tibet

Just bear with it somemore and we’ll be meeting soon
within this month, hehehehehe

This post is really written for all of you, ya
Have really written many useless words, hehehehe

If after writing this (post) and it still makes it to the newspapers
then (reporters) are people with nothing better to do… hehehehehe

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, SS501 disbanding…….

(Do you) believe it? Hehehehehehehehehehehehe

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