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Makna dibalik 0826 pada acara M! Countdown 29 Juli 2010

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Setelah menonton acar musik Mnet M! Countdown, banyak orang yag bertanya-tanya apa makna dari 4 angka 0826 yang ditulis di badan para penyanyi yang tampil.

0826 itu ternyata adalah tanggal dari acara 4th Mnet ’20’s Choice yang akan berlangsung pada 26 Agustus 2010 bertempat di kolam renang dari Seoul Walker Hill River Park. The Mnet staff menjelaskan bahwa 20's Choice adalah rangkaian acara festival musim panas yang akan berisi anak-anak muda yang berada di usia 20an,

“Korea’s first-ever summer festival ’20’s Choice will take place on August 26th. As much as this festival represents the fresh and young adults in their 20s, the event itself is definitely going to be unique”

“On the day of the event, the performances will follow the formation of a guerilla concert. Via Twitter and through various Mnet programs, the performances will be notified through both on and off-line sources. Please look forward to it”

“If the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) wraps up the events for the end of the year, ’20’s choice awards ceremony represents Korea’s exclusive summer festival. It will be an extremely unique awards ceremony that just oozes with the charms of the 20s”

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