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Trailer Sungkyunkwan Scandal!

from Kenoa+ 詩 for sharingyoochun via DBxTOHO7 , pic|shared by koreabanget!
SunJun : I am Lee SunJun. I don’t care if you hate me or not, but I can’t accept if you say I’m wrong.
Confucian Lee SunJun.
SunJun : Take off your clothes.
YunHee : What???
YunHee : Just give me some more (money). You should pay me first. That’s the rule.
Crossdressed brother Kim YunHee.
YongHa : I will definitely take her clothes off tonight.
Ladies player Gu YongHa.
JaeShin : Are you guys crazy? How dare you?
Moon JaeShin (he’s the beast of the dynasty).
August, 30th
Guys who are more beautiful than flowers are coming.

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