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Twit-twit C.N. Blue (22 & 26 Juli 2010)!

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오늘은 아침일찍 일어나서 혼자 연습실까지 걸어갔다 일찍와서 열심히연기연습했는데 너무어려워 ㅠㅠ힝 셀카도 너무어려운것같애 ㅠ 쉬운게없어.......
I woke up early this morning and walked to the practice room and practiced acting but it is so hard ㅠㅠ Hing selcas are hard too ㅠ Nothing is easy.......

하하콘서트d-day5일입니당ㅋㅋ열심히준비중ㅎ제발첫콘서트가성공하길!! 아까사진잘못올라갔어요 ㅠ

d-day5 for the concert haha keke we are practicing hard ha please let this first concert be a success!! My picture before was uploaded wrong before ㅠ
열심히 콘서트연습에찌든....누가더페도라가잘어울리나요?
we are working hard for our concert....who looks better in the fendora?

이번엔 비니!!비니는내가더잘어울릴껄.!!!ㅋㅋ
This time a beanie!! I probably look better in a beanie.!!! keke

내가정신이보다 베이스잘칠수있어 !!!나중에한번보여드릴께요 ~하하하
Well,I play the bass better than Jungshin!I’ll show you later ~ hahaha..

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